torsdag den 22. august 2013

Dear 2c En

This is our plat form for all the material we gather about our theme "The Stolen Generation". Since you cannot use the internet at an oral exam, we also have to make sure to put documents on Lectio - but let us help remind each other about this.
But for now, we need to learn more about "The Stolen Generation": We have learned a bit about Australia's history and how that is connected to the aboriginals and how that resulted in a stolen generation. But we need to know more. Also we need to know more about what these people were put through - some facts. We also need some to put our video links (the ones I showed you and some new relevant ones) on our blog and short descriptions of their content. We need to find some personal accounts from aborginees, who were taken away from their families and last, but not least, we need to know more about the official apology that the stolen generation received from the Australian Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd.
On this blog, I have made a page (se "sider") for each of your topics, where you can write about your theme and post video links, links to webpages etc. I am also linking to a program, where I have gathered a lot of resources for you to use to investigate your topics.

Here is a list of the things we will be looking into. Now we need to figure out, who will be responsible for what.

1. Australia's history:
2. The Stolen Generation timeline:
3. What happend to the Stolen Generation - their history: 
4. Sorry seems to be the hardest word - Australia says sorry: 
5. The Stolen Generation on video: Links to important videos and an outline of their most important messages: 

I look very much forward to seeing this blog develop.

Good luck, Katrine